Mapping parks in Toronto


My coworker Kyle Baptista shared these cool hexagon-style maps of Toronto on Friday. According to BlogTO, they’re created by Willian Davis. The two I have here are parkland and addresses, but there is also TTC stops and schools.


What’s interesting about these two maps is that the addresses map is actually a better representation of parkland in the city than the parkland map. The parkland map uses number of parks to create its density of colours and so you end up seeing darker colours in areas of the city with a lot of parks, even if those are small parks, and lighter colours in areas where you have a lot of parkland in one big park, like Rouge Park.

The addresses map, however, shows the city’s parks and ravine system in a kind of reverse way. If you focus on the lighter areas–the areas where there are less or no addresses–you can see the system of ravines and some of the larger parks, like High Park.

For comparison, here’s the map Kyle did of all the parks in Toronto:


Anyway, maps are pretty.

Maps by Willian Davis

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