An urban canoe ride on Toronto’s Humber River

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Over labour day weekend I’m off to Ontario’s huge Algonquin Park for a five day canoe trip, but I wanted to get out before that to warm up all my canoe muscles.

So last night my partner and two friends and I rented canoes and took a lazy paddle down Toronto’s Humber River from about Bloor Street to the lake.

It’s pretty amazing to be able to take the subway to a river and then walk underneath the station’s bridge to find a canoe rental place all set up. We paid our money and walked our canoes down to the river’s edge—easy as that. The river is very tame, so coming back up is just the same as going down.

I was surprised at how quickly and completely the city disappeared once we got out onto the water. It was hard to believe that only 15 minutes before I had been crammed armpit-to-face with rush hour travellers on the subway.

Toronto is lucky to have an incredible system of ravines and rivers that thread their way through the city down to the lake, but I don’t think we take advantage of them as often as we should. I know I don’t. It’s easy to forget how close all these spaces actual are to us when we speed over them or through them in cars, busses or on subway trains.

I even got to canoe under a highway—how often do you get to do that?

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